So we’re friends? Well, I have never had sex with someone and gave them the title as a friend. I imagine your friendships must be a bit different. They are censored because of what you’re pursuing to be. I appreciate your censorship. However, if you sleep with me, check on me, love on me, spend time, and sacrifice for me. Those are just to name a few things you do. I no longer see you as a friend.

I haven’t seen you just as a friend for almost 2 years. We met two years ago on July 2nd, 2017. I replay that day in my thoughts more often. It’s less than a month away. I’m happy,  heartbroken, and unsettled when I hear or see the date. I miss that. It was a night, a non-judgemental night. Although I was nervous when you kissed me, my nerves were eliminated at that moment. Sigh, I would go back to that night again.

To be Continued.