Untitled 5/2/2019

Let’s talk about faith or religion. Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith is a strong belief in God or the doctrines in a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. Those definitions are from just Google. I have heard people preach about a God that does miracles for years. I started reading the Bible more within the last year. I will admit throughout my years of being in and out of the church that I do not know a lot of scripture. What I have read, from the Bible, has been stuck in the back of my mind and I use it for strength when needed. Due to how my life is currently going, I have made the effort to seek a comforter.

It is amazing though. I have heard and witness miracles before. So when it comes to my sour situation I decided for myself that I believe anything can be restored. Things that we think are dead, can be restored. However, I have heard the same lips who have spoken life speak “death” over my situation. So I have reduced information to quite a few that did not deserve it. I did ask that the other party do the same. However, all I can do is ask. It can not and will not be forced. It will reveal what character they have if they honor that request.

Over a period of time, I have witnessed the other party go from being a caring, loving, open, brave, strong, intelligent individual. Although I know the qualities are still there, they have been hidden behind fear, hurt, sheltered with their heart, ignorance, and weakness. The strength that came from higher up has disappeared. They have convinced themselves they are less than and deserve nothing great. That’s a personal opinion, but I feel it is true due to the feeling in my gut and the swelling confirmation in my chest. That is then accompanied by hurt. I feel the pain that the individual feels. They are still connected to me. I have tried to separate myself. I have been unsuccessful. It was then confirmed that the connection was meant to not be severed but to blossom. I intend to let it blossom with every breath of my being. I will continue to fulfill what is given to me by God. It hurts sometimes but I am willing to keep going. Let your will be done.

Ever since things have gone sour, people who should not know anything know more than they should. People love to give their opinions on a situation they are not currently in. People really love to give opinions just because they have been through something similar, not the exact scenario.